Near the main street (Corso Matteotti) stands a remarkable example of Pisan Romanesque style: the Parish Church of San Giovanni and Santa Maria Assunta, whose structure dates from the 11th century and coincides with the birth of the medieval town of Cascina.

The parish church complex, buildings of worship around the square

The parish complex includes some buildings of worship around the square: in addition to the church, the baroque Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, the bell tower and the adjacent Oratory of Santa Croce.

The facade

©Marco Taliani

The gabled facade respects the Pisan Romanesque style: it is divided into blind arches with lozenge decorations and marble inlays: the lower band has five arches, three of which frame the portals and two are decorated with rhombuses. A curiosity: on the southern external side a Latin inscription quoths: “Frederick II King of Sicily”, due to the reuse of stone, coming from Southern Italy.

The interior

The interior with three naves is instead very simple. What is striking are the columns in pink granite and cipollino marble, embellished with Corinthian capitals. The most important work preserved in the parish church is a terracotta with Madonna and Child, by Benedetto da Maiano, a Florentine sculptor of the 15th century.

The bell tower, separated from the church, was built in the 12th century with limestone ashlars of olive groves and rebuilt in the upper part in brick at the end of the 13th century.

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