The church of San Lorenzo (St Lawrence) was first mentioned in 1251. During the 15th and 16th centuries the building was expanded, but collapsed in 1864 as a result of a terrible earthquake. In the same year,  the project for the reconstruction of the new church and ten years later, the imposing Town Hall were built again.

The simple Neo-Renaissance façade of the church is defined by three blind arcades, each one with an entrance door. The interior has a nave and two side aisles. On the top of the left aisle, there is the altar of the Cross, in 17th century polychrome marble.

The Chapel of the Rosary houses Pisan school, 18th century, Our Lady of the Rosary. In the first bay of the left aisle there is an 18th century painting of St. Lorenzo.

The remains of the original church can still be admired. The belfry, the parsonage and part of the original construction are in the southern section of the village, near the cemetery.

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