The “marrone of Rivalto” is a variety of chestnut, produced not in large quantities in the territory, genuineness, with special organoleptic characteristics. Even in the Middle Ages it was known that the marroni chestnuts that came from the hamlet of Rivalto were the best in terms of size and quality. They appear often in historical records declaring the chestnut of Chianni and Rivalto to be a product of high quality and economic value.

Here, like other mountain and hilly partes of Tuscany that are not kind to grain farmers, the chestnut used to sustain people giving flour and nourishment to local families. The Rivalto Marrone is still much sought-after and prized in the local market, and its own traditions and connections with the territory have kept it alive and popular, generation after generation.

A “Marrone di Rivalto Festival” is held every year on the second week end of October, during which you taste local products based on chestnuts such as roasted chestnuts and “ballotte” (boiled chestnuts), the typical desserts such as chestnut, wild truffles, the “slice of autumn”, the “red wine bowl”, the “rum and chocolate fantasies” and the “grandmother cream”.

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