The first documents of Monteverdi Marittimo date back to the year 754 with the foundation of the Abbey od San Pietro in Palazzuolo, built by Benedictine monks under the leadership of Walfredo, who is considered to be the legendary ancestor of the Counts of Della Gherardesca. The saint never left the village and was buried in the Oratory of the SS Sacramento (Blessed Sacrament), still keeping a fine wooden crucifix.

Immersed in the beautiful countryside, the area has many places worth visiting, one of which is Canneto, an old castle still surrounded by its walls. This hamlet has a particular oval-shaped layout, with tower-houses and the stunning Parish Church of San Lorenzo.

The wild and untouched nature is on the rugged south-western slope of the Colline Metallifere, a particularly suitable destination for trekkers and bikers. The forests around hide several streams, the perfect habitat for the flora and fauna of the coastline.

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