Calci | Galgalandi Mill

The Gangalandi mill in Calci is located in the private Gangalandi street, near the footbridge crossing the Zambra stream, on the road from Calci to Trecolli.

In the area, once characterised by the presence of many mills, today few examples remain with intact structures, as they have mostly been converted into dwellings or modified. In the mid 19th century, the milling canal (Aldio) that brought water from the Zambra stream to the mills of Calci powered 124 hydraulic factories in just 5 km between the villages of Tre Colli and Caprona. This strong industrial concentration and intense exploitation of water is an exceptional fact, considering the size of a town like Calci. Given the concentration of mills, the diversification of the structures must have been remarkable. In some cases the external wheel and internal mechanisms were attached to pre-existing buildings.

Today, the complex is in a good state of preservation: inside you can still see the millstones, gears and everything that was used for the production of flour.

The Gangalandi Mill Museum is under construction.

The mill is open for visits by appointment only, by contacting the municipality or the Compagnia di Calci

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