18 October 2020


Centro e litorale di Marina di Vecchiano
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi

A two-day walking event dedicated to promote the beauties of the territory, from the Filettole hills down to the sea at Marina di Vecchiano. The event is part of a programme shared with other towns of Monte Pisano, aimed at promoting the area and its rich biodiversity.

Saturday 5th October, 2,30 pm, Vecchiano in Piazza Garibaldi free registration.
The walking starts after stretching time up the Via del Santuario, passing through the Ring 103 Via Panoramica, with a short visit to the “GAV little archeological museum”. Return 3.00 pm  along the Via di Radicata to the starting point around 5.30 pm.

Sunday 6th October, 8,30 am, Filettole in Piazza Allende free registration. Walking Start 9,00 am. Walkers lunch “pranzo del camminante” on reservation (Ph. Greta 333-9902168) at Circolo ARCI Filettole.

Info: 050.859611
Vecchiano Municipality

Walking Vecchiano, 4th edition