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The Parks and Gardens of Italy Association (APGI) is a private non-profit organization, legally recognized, established with the objective of becoming the national organization of reference and coordination of agencies and entities – both private and State-owned – that deals with parks and gardens, an important sector of the Italian cultural heritage but not adequately protected and enhanced.

Terre di Pisa open gardens: Botanical Garden in Pisa, the Park of Villa Baciocchi in Capannoli, the Garden of Armida in Molina di Quosa, the Gardens of Villa Ruschi in Calci

The APGI acts not only nationally but also internationally , representing Italy in the European Project called “Parks and Gardens of Europe” ( PGE ) , an initiative that involves several European Union countries ( including France, Germany, Portugal , Belgium, Great Britain) and is intended to jointly promote the knowledge and study of historical parks and gardens, enhancing the exchange of experience and information on their management and maintenance. In May 2013, APGI’s President joined the board of the European Institute of Gardens and Landscapes, established at the Castle Benouville in Normandy, institution created to coordinate the European initiatives.

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