06 July 2019 - 08 September 2019


Centro storico Casale Marittimo
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi
Casale Marittimo

Tradizional calendar of summer events and entertainments in the cozy village of Casale Marittimo, close to Cecina and the seaboard of the Etruscan Coast.

Not to miss the snail festival (19-21 July), and the wild boar festival  (10-11 August) or the “cacciucco”  on 14-15 August.
Cacciucco is a very thick and dark fish soup. It’s made from many kinds of fish and molluscs, but not with refined seafood. At the base of the dish there is a mixture of garlic, pepper and sage. Cacciucco contains octopus and cuttlefish, some mantis shrimps and different kinds of bluetailed fish.

Show and theatre performances connected with the Festival del Pensare, Camp Rock Festival and Musicastrada Festival

Info: 0586 1880769
Pro Loco Casale Marittimo

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Summer in Casale Marittimo