ore: 8:00 - 14:00


Largo Cocco Griffi
Largo Cocco Griffi

The Maratona di Pisa , now in its 23rd edition, is run along a flat, fast route through art, history and nature. Start in Via Carlo Cammeo and finish in Piazza Duomo at the foot of the Leaning Tower. There will be several marathons: the traditional 42 km, the 21 km ‘Pisanina’ (both true competitions, reserved for card-carrying members) and three respectively of 14 km, 7 km and 3 km for non-competitors.

Pisa is also confirmed as the women’s Maratona, with around 30% of women coming to the city in 2021 to run the 42 and 21 km.

RACE AND ROUTE 2021: The start of the Maratona (42.195 km) is set for 9 a.m., at the same time the Pisanina Half Maratona (21.097 km) will start. In agreement with the Ateneo Pisano and the CUS Pisa, a 4-mile race has also been organised for students and university employees; the best man and woman runner will be awarded the Cherubino trophy by the CUS

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