ore: 5:00 - 22:00


Parco e museo Villa Baciocchi
Piazza Castello, 1/4

The fair, which has been held for 61 years in Capannoli on the second Sunday of September and now consecrated at a national level, starts at 5.00 in the morning until 22.00 in the evening with songbird singing competitions and includes various side events that continue all day long.

The fair takes place from Via Volterrana (traffic light area) to the park of Villa Baciocchi.

Grown over the years to qualify as a national fair, it boasts over 30,000 birds on the market including calls, hybrids, exotics, ornamentals and courtyards which make it one of the most complete and qualified zootechnical exhibitions not only for hunting.

Two other fairs have been added to the Capannoli fair which always take place in September in the Terre di Pisa: the secular ” Fiera delle Civette ” in Crespina and the ” Antica Fiera degli Uccelli ” in Montopoli in Valdarno.

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