26/08/2023 - 28/08/2023


Parco storico Montalto
Via Querciole

From 26 to 28 August ‘Contra Normannes’: the historical re-enactment of the tenth-century Viking incursion into Tuscany, at the reenactment and LARP space ‘La Signoria di Montalto’ just outside the village of Fauglia in the Pisan Hills. This is a medieval-themed historical park for re-enactments and LARP, basically a reconstruction of the ancient village of Montalto near Fauglia.

Medieval shows, children’s entertainment, an inn with ancient recipes, historical archery with public trials, horse and pony tours, an antique market, falconry and approaching birds of prey. Possibility of dining in the park (reservation recommended).

‘Contra Normannes’: historical re-enactment at LARP space | Fauglia
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