Piazza Don Gallo
Piazza Don Gallo
Castellina Marittima

Guided excursions in the area around Castellina Marittima throughout the summer

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Sunday 4 June: Life in the woods
Duration – one day – easy/medium difficulty (about 10 km) – height difference 280 m.
Meeting at 8.30 in Piazza Don Gallo.
An excursion on the hills of Castellina in search of the most suggestive places. Packed lunch.

Sunday 2 July: From the Masso di Pietragosta to the Sassi Bianchi
Duration: half day – Difficulty: easy/medium (approx. 7.2 km) – Height difference: 280 m. c.a.
Meeting at 7.45 in Piazza Don Gallo. On the occasion of the Lavender festival, a guided excursion to get to know Castellina and its woods. Upon arrival it will be possible to have lunch with typical products, in the bars or in the town square and participate in the scheduled activities.

Saturday 12 August: Night of stars
Duration: one night – Difficulty: easy – height difference approx. 120m (about 4 km). Packed dinner – torch – cover.
Meeting at 18.30 in Piazza Don Gallo. A convivial dinner in the bush with the possibility of cooking food and, late at night, observation of the sky to see shooting stars.

Saturday 2 September: The alabaster and the moon
duration: half a night difficulty: easy/medium (approx. 4 km) difference in height: approx. 150 m
Meeting at 21.30 alabaster ecomuseum. Visit to the alabaster ecomuseum and hike in the woods by moonlight. Electric torch.

Guided tours: Saturday 8 – 22 – 29 July and Saturday 5 – 19 – 26 August
Guided tours with mini excursion to the alabaster ecomuseum and aperitif on the terrace.
Duration -3 h approx. – easy difficulty – height difference 120 m. Meeting at 17.00 alabaster ecomuseum.

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June: Arcaica, to get to know Castellina, its nature and its history
Two days of events to visit Castellina and rediscover primitive and traditional practices
Clothing and equipment for excursions: Trekking shoes or closed shoes with sculpted soles – hat – water and packed lunch

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