ore: 18:00 - 23:30


Centro storico Vicopisano
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi
56010 Vicopisano

The dinner in the village under towers and stars returns, on 14 July, in Via Lante in Vicopisano. Places will be assigned by the organisation, which may take into account special needs, if reported within the established timeframe. Participants must provide their own table settings, compulsorily with a white cloth tablecloth, to create the effect of a single table.
Diners must bring everything they need for dinner from home: plates must be ceramic, glasses must be glass or crystal, and cutlery must be metal. The table may be decorated with flowers in the colour of your choice. Participants are also invited to bring along candles, candlesticks, warm LED lamps, etc. in order to improve the lighting of the table, make it more atmospheric and, at the same time, make up for the normal public lighting in Via Lante.

Those taking part must also bring their own dinner from home, which everyone will be able to eat from 8.30 p.m. onwards. Alternatively, it may be purchased in the town’s shops (or restaurants that provide take-away) by prior arrangement with them.

At the end of dinner, everyone will have to clear their table and collect rubbish and leftovers for proper disposal and differentiation at home.

The organisation staff will be on site from 6 p.m. onwards for seat allocation.
Reservations are open until 1 p.m. on Tuesday 12 July.
Extra tip: wear floral and flowery dresses, clothing and accessories, including (or in addition to!) details: flowers in the buttonhole, jewellery with flowers, flower crowns, flowers in the hair, etc. Depending on the taste, flair and imagination of each participant.



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