Darwin Day in the Terre di Pisa

11/02/2024 - 15/02/2024

Museo di Storia Naturale, Via Roma, Calci

The Anglo-Saxon world has long commemorated Charles Darwin’s birth (12 February) with conferences, meetings, debates and events celebrating the values of scientific research and rational thought. Since 2003, the UAAR has also organised Darwin Day in Italy with scientists, lecturers and science journalists.

On Sunday 11th Darwin Day awaits you at the Calci Natural History Museum for an adventure dedicated to families: a guided tour that retraces the stages, insights, clues and curiosities that allowed the famous naturalist to formulate the theory of evolution. Timetable: shifts starting at 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.; duration one and a half hours. Recommended age: 6 – 12 years. Maximum participants: 25 people per shift. Cost: € 5.00 per person + entrance fee. Information and booking: Silvia Asciamprener 333 6602747 (also whatsapp). Booking is compulsory.

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