Pisa, Marina di Pisa | Pineto Adventure Park

The Pineto Adventure Park in  Marina di Pisa  is set in a beautiful woodland setting just a few steps from the sea and the mouth of the Arno.

Adventure Park for children and adults

Here, eight agility courses suspended in the trees with various levels of difficulty can be practised in complete safety: from the easiest suitable for children to the most challenging for adults.

On suspended routes, safety is guaranteed by the steel lifeline to which one is always secured with at least one karabiner attached to the harness. A short but thorough training is carried out before entering the routes.

A single continuous lifeline was installed to ensure even more safety and fun, tree climbing with a controlled free fall from a height of 10 metres, and an online shop to skip the queue and avoid crowds at the entrance.

The park has a picnic area with tables and a refreshment point. Access to the park is free, only access to the agility trails suspended in the trees is charged for.

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