Fauglia | Alvaro Marioni Museum

Alvaro Marioni (1911-1999) was born in Fauglia. From a very young age, he nurtured a passion for painting by frequenting Villa Gioli, home of the Macchiaioli in the 19th century. While his masters Luigi and Francesco painted, Alvaro observed and learned how to apply the colours of Tuscan landscapes with a post-Macchiaioli flavour. A pure artist, in addition to painting, Alvaro manifested a flair for music, carving and furniture making. In 1932, Alvaro married Bruna Rotini, his ideal partner for seventy years, with whom he had three children, Giuseppe, Paolo and Paola.

When the war ended in 1948, Alvaro began his activity as a furniture maker, a business that would later turn into a permanent exhibition of new furniture and fine antiques in collaboration with his sons Giuseppe and Paolo. In the 1960s, Alvaro left the business to his sons to devote himself entirely to painting. Today they still run the profession of interior decorators with great professionalism in the permanent exhibition in Via Garibaldi n. 29 in Fauglia. From the inside one can access the Alvaro Marioni Museum where the anthological works of his artistic production are permanently displayed.

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