Via Aurelia Nord - Madonna dell'Acqua 56017, San Giuliano Terme

The apartments of the Virtù Nascoste are 4 and have different names: the Virtues, the Cagliostro's Cave, Count Ugolino, Callot House.

All apartments are equipped with kitchenette, private bathrooms for each room, air conditioning.

Le Virtù (the Virtues) is an apartment, on the first floor of a typical Tuscan villa, with two bedrooms and one single room. We have dedicated each of the rooms to a virtue: force, wisdom and beauty, 3 virtues we can imagine in any woman since: mostly, a woman is physically weaker but mentally stronger than a man; she is often more thoughful, and hence wiser; last but not least, she is beautiful in the sense given to beauty by the Greeks, i.e. “beauty is not what is beautiful but what we like”.

These three virtues also have an esoteric meaning: they represent a virtual journey to the light, meant as an interior perfectioning path, which never comes to the end.

In the living room of the apartment, the three virtues are well represented in a fresco of Botticelli. The atmosphere is perfect for relaxing in the armchair, reading or watching news on TV. The apartment also gives you the possibility to cook.

A simple bedroom with bathroom (without bidet as in northern countries) shows on the walls the first virtue, force represented by the engraving of soldiers by Salvator Rosa and the mystic force through a painting of Saint Peter. The bed of Piedmont origins has the form of a boat and is decorated with sculptures.

Wisdom is embedded on the walls of a double bedroom by different engravings from the 15th century, representing the spring and autumn equinoxes, and the summer and winter solstices.

Beauty is present in the third room, through a mystic representation of Magdalene, slightly raffish, made in 18th century. Another painting of the 17th century represents another kind of beauty through the features of a beautiful young man. On the commode, you can appreciate a ceramics of a quite promiscuous young lady who symbolizes a mercenary beauty.


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