Savitar Tartufi

  • Localit√†
  • San Miniato -
  • Contact Person
  • Claudio Savini

Savitar was founded in 1987 in an establishment set in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Thanks to the precious traditions handed down by his father, a truffle trader, and his mother, a cook for aristocratic families, today Claudio Savini has preserved the characteristics of the ancient truffle tradition in his modern business philosophy, making it the company's strong point from the very beginning. In San Miniato, in the kingdom of the white truffle, every day, the best truffles are selected for processing into Savitar products or for the sale of fresh truffles. The company currently boasts a presence in many countries around the world: the United States, Brazil, Iceland, Korea, Thailand and Europe. The company's flagship is always the desire to offer the best truffle products.



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