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    • Lorenzo Russo

    360° photos, 360° videos and virtual tours to post on Google Street View, Facebook and your website to increase the online visibility of your business and allow potential customers to visit your business as if they were on site.


    360-degree photos (also called 'panoramic' or 'spherical') are navigable photos that allow the user to simulate being in a place and turn around 360 degrees to see the surrounding environment, both horizontally and vertically. They can also be assembled together to build virtual tours, real virtual visits of photographed places enriched with informative material (texts, photos, videos, links). How can panoramic photos be used online? - on Google Maps in the profile of a place or a business: it is possible to insert both single images and images grouped in sequence to allow a tour - on Facebook, like normal photos or linked to tours on Google Maps - on a website, allowing the virtual tour to be customised with external links to documents, videos, other photos. Modes of use - computer, smartphone, tablet - augmented and/or virtual reality device

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    Da sapere/informazioni di servizio Everyone is familiar with Street View, the system integrated into Google Maps that allows streets to be viewed at 360 degrees. With a simple click you can explore, discover and observe streets, squares, buildings and shops from the outside, without being able to enter them. Now you can bring the world to stroll through your business: with our 360° images the experience continues where Google Maps cars don't reach: inside buildings and private spaces. Google Street View offers you the possibility of an interactive tour of your premises, a unique experience for your potential customers. Accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, your business will be visible on Google search results, on Google Maps but also on your website and social networks. Bringing your business on Street View is cheap The cost is one-off and is linked to the photographic service and image processing; hosting on Google's servers is free. Getting your business on Street View is easy. The photo shoot will be carried out by a Google-certified photographer, who cares about the quality of the content he or she distributes and therefore selects trustworthy photographers, taking care of their training and having them take various certification tests to pass in order to become part of the project. We will take care of the publication of the images.



      I hereby declare to have read the general conditions and authorize to use and process my personal details

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