La Gilda dei Nani Birrai

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  • Pisa -
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  • Daniele Maccheroni

La Gilda dei Nani Birrai is the first brewery to have a production plant located within the boundaries of the municipality of Pisa. And it was born with the precise intent of developing strong roots in the territory: to clearly communicate its sense of belonging to the city and its traditions. A declaration of identity that was expressed by combining the fantasy characterisation with the iconography of the Giugno Pisano events, in particular the Gioco del Ponte. Thus, each beer of the Guild has been associated with a dwarf character (ideally) belonging to one of the two factions of the Game, the Parties, which here become Clans. Mezzogiorno ("Clan" of the districts south of river Arno) is animated by dwarves with blond or wavy beards: symbols for white or light beers. Tramontana ("Clan" of the districts north of the river) has dwarves with red or brown beards: an allusion to amber or dark beers.


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