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The Villa Sonnino, built in the 16th century, is home to the hotel of the same name and the Castelvecchio Restaurant. The property is situated on the slope of a hill, in the heart of Tuscany: halfway between Pisa and Florence, in San Miniato. A long avenue of cypress trees loses itself in a much larger patch of green in which the outline of a building can be glimpsed: this is the Villa Sonnino. THE HISTORY: Illustrious families have owned the Villa: the Grifoni family, originally from San Miniato and loyalists of the Medici who bought the Villa in 1600. It was then the turn of the Sonnino family around 1880, a family of Jewish origin and registered in the golden roll of Italian nobility. His Majesty Umberto the First King of Italy granted this family, to which Minister Sidney Sonnino belonged, the title of Baron. Born in Pisa in 1847, Giorgio Sidney Sonnino later came into possession of the Villa. A member of parliament from 1880 to 1919, he was Minister of Finance in two Crispi cabinets, managing to balance the budget thanks to an austere and courageous tax policy. The Villa remained in the Sonnino family until 1946. Notable artists have worked at the Villa including: Antonio Ferri, Florentine architect and Carlo Marcellini, artist of the Florentine late baroque culture. In a refined and welcoming environment, the Castelvecchio restaurant offers traditional Tuscan dishes, revisited and interpreted by our chefs. The Restaurant: Particular attention is given to meat and cold cuts, typical delicacies of this area, without forgetting the other products of our land such as the white truffle of San Miniato, the wrinkled tomato, pecorino cheese, olive oil. Every evening we also offer fresh fish dishes. Meals are accompanied by the best Italian wines: in our cellars there is a careful selection of white and red wines, among which the typical Tuscan wines are not to be missed. THE FACILITIES: In April 2000 the hotel facilities were inaugurated: the hotel, the main restaurant, the conference room and other common areas. The kitchen (designed and built by Zanussi Grandi Impianti) is spread over three floors, reached by two modern lifts. In the San Miniato Truffle Park, inside the villa's woodland, it is possible to hunt for truffles all year round.


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