Bio al Sacco

  • Localit√†
  • Pisa - Via Garibaldi, 101
  • Contact Person
  • Pierpaolo Corradini

BIO al SACCO is a small shop set up with the aim of trying to reduce packaging, and therefore waste, wherever possible. The idea of environmental sustainability of BIO al SACCO is naturally oriented towards organic farming and the search for local producers (short chain or zero kilometre in short). Every day we hope to be able to make quality products that are good for your health and the environment accessible at a fair price. BIO al SACCO can be reached by car (free parking from 2 p.m. on Via Canavari) or, better still, by bicycle or on foot. If you remember, bring your own jars, cotton bags or whatever container you prefer to fill with our products. And don't forget the egg holder for eggs that are always extra fresh!


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