Antico Pastificio Morelli 1860

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  • Montopoli in Val d'Arno -
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  • Antonio Morelli

The Family of L'Antico Pastificio Morelli 1860 has been producing pasta in Tuscany for five generations. Today, the management is run by father Dino and his three children Antonio, Lucia and Marco Morelli. They are craftsmen using artisan techniques, here both classic and special dry pasta is produced. Everything starts with a careful selection of Italian semolina and other raw materials assembled using the same techniques as in the past, then slow kneading, hand-rolling on looms and drying at low temperature in a suitable environment that complies with all regulations. The plant is not huge, but is equipped with all the best technologies and is IFS high level certified Unique: The real feature that makes us unique among all pasta factories, both artisan and industrial, is that only we insert the wheat germ in the pasta. During cooking, the water is tinged slightly green and an intense aroma of wheat is released which, in its simplicity, is amazing. Even if we add just a drizzle of oil we have a pasta with a really good and unique taste. The range: Our production is wide in order to give depth of assortment to the point of sale while keeping the relationship with a single supplier specialised in the niche. The restaurant has the opportunity to choose something different in terms of raw material, taste or shape to create truly unique and innovative dishes that delight and amaze. Mission: We have always relied on our craftsmanship, flexibility and over a hundred years of experience to develop those market niches that represent a vital segment for the pasta sector, combining the product with a service that meets the real needs of the shop and restaurant.


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