Riparbella is close to the Cecina plain, and rose up around a medieval castle built by the Conti (Earls) of Della Gherardesca.

Medieval origins

What sets Riparbella apart from the other medieval villages is its shape, not circular around the fortification but linear along the main street.

Its medieval origin is marked by the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista, home to a beautiful mechanical nativity set in winter.

Hills and sea

From Riparbella you can enjoy a splendid view of the Etruscan coast up to the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. The numerous wooded areas nearby are popular for hikes, bike rides, and even horseback riding along nature trails like the Scornabecchi Garden where many wild boars live.

This animal is particularly appreciated in local cuisine, especially during the traditional food festival that takes place in November.

The wine

wine architecture riparbellaThe area is particularly suitable for winemaking thanks to the sea breeze, a favorable exposure, and a particular soil that mainly consists of sands rich in shell fossils, with minerals rich in iron, allowing the production of robust and remarkably persistent wines.

Along the Colline Pisane Wine Trail you can find excellent wineries at an international level, with a peculiar and refined “wine design architecture”.

Stazione FS
Località San Martino
56046 Riparbella
t. 0586 699164

Geographical area
Colline Pisane

over 1.000

Distance from Pisa
60 km

Upcoming events

“Calici di Stelle” – Wine under the stars


 centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi

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