The town was awarded the Bandiera Arancione (orange flag) by the Touring Club Italiano. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.
Peccioli boasts a museum complex, managed by the Fondazione Peccioliper, which includes the Museo Archeologico, Museo di Palazzo Pretorio, Museo di Arte Sacra and Torre Campanaria. The skyline can be recognized by the bell tower of the Pieve di San Verano church, built by architect Luigi Bellincioni, who also created other bell towers in Valdera. The interior is also worth a visit. It houses valuable works from the school of Pisa, dating back to the thirteenth century and currently held in the Museo d’Arte Sacra. Palazzo Pretorio, which houses the coats of arms of the families that ruled the village in earlier centuries, is home to the F. Bigazzi and Belvedere S.p.A. collections of Russian icons as well as the Collezione Incisioni e Litografie – Donazione Vito Merlini. The Museo Archeologico holds the finds from the local excavations of the Etruscan site Ortaglia and of the late-antique/medieval site Santa Mustiola di Ghizzano. The area is scattered with ancient rural villages that offer splendid views of the surrounding hills. Peccioli hosts major performing arts festivals such as the Festival Undici Lune (summer and winter editions) with Italian and international guests.

Vedi Peccioli in:

Palazzo Pretorio
Piazza del Popolo
56037 Peccioli
t. +39 0587 936423

Geographical area

over 4.000

Distance from Pisa
42 km