Chianni, a town in the Valdera region 50 km from Pisa, is set in an area surrounded by low mountains and chestnut woods. 

Oil and enogastronomy

It is here, in this landscape that has remained unchanged for centuries, that the olive tree grows with excellent results. The olives, before ripening, are picked by hand, selected, washed, and then mechanically pressed in oil mills. Thus the Chianni extra virgin olive oil is born, a light oil with an intense color, low acidity, and a fruity flavor.

Of Etruscan origin, Chianni was a medieval fortification disputed between the bishop of Volterra and the Republic of Pisa before finally passing under Florence. If from a historical point of view it has no particular attractions apart from the Parish Church of Saint Donatus with its apse obtained from a tower of the castle, it is an ideal place for food & wine tourism as well as landscape itineraries. Its woods are popular among those who hunt wild boar, and in November the town holds a food festival all about this animal, which is among the most popular in Tuscany.


As for the surrounding area, the medieval village of Rivalto is worth a visit, with its Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel located in the middle of the woods. In October it is the destination of lovers of chestnuts, and in particular of a fairly rare variety with an oval fruit (not crushed on one side) and thin skin.

Vedi Chianni in:

Pro Loco
Piazza Bartoli
56034 Chianni


Geographical area

over 1.000

Distance from Pisa
45 km

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