At Cascina there’s a sense of the medieval in the air. One can easily imagine living in another time, with the remains of the city walls, of a tower, and of the Pieve di Santa Maria church in Romanesque-Pisan style. In short, much testimony to a very lively past that saw Cascina at the center of clashes between Pisa and Florence, who both wanted to rule it. Even Vasari documented one of the battles in a work from 1364. The territory of the municipality also abounds in Romanesque-Pisan churches, such as San Casciano, in Settimo, and San Jacopo, in Zambra.

Cascina still keeps its medieval look, with the rise of the buildings and structures we can still see today, like the 13th-century defense walls, originally equipped with 12 towers, which only a part of continues to stand today. Or the still existing  Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta e San Giovanni: the Pisan Romanesque church boasts an imposing façade, but the interior truly stuns visitors with its elegant appearance.

The artisans in the area are also worth taking a look at, who with their abilities and skilled hands have turned Cascina into a furniture-making town. This woodworking activity surely has centuries-old roots, because even the furniture in the pharmacy at the Certosa di Calci seems to have come from some Cascina-based workshops.

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Geographical area
Monte Pisano

over 45.000

Distance from Pisa
17 km