Outdoor activities in Buti

The Monti Pisani have a network of paths, mule tracks, and dirt roads. Thanks to this network it is possible to cover them long and wide throughout the year, given the mild climatic conditions. Between Monte Cucco and the Bosco di Tanali reserve is the protected area of larch pine, one of the highest and most majestic wild pines, which can reach 50 meters in height. A rare example in our vegetation, because it is present in limited numbers only in some areas of the Mediterranean. The surrounding vegetation is also composed of maritime pine, acacia, chestnut, oak, rowan and laurel. The natural area boasts an exceptional biogeographic value due to the particular conditions of fresh and humid habitats and the presence of abundant springs.

ITINERARY N.1 Ferrata Sant’Antone
Starting altitude: 410 m s.l.m.  Arrival fee: 536 m s.l.m.
Average travel time: 2h for medium hikers
Difficulty: medium-high, for climbers

The Via Ferrata Sant’Antone is located in the territory of Buti along the road that leads to Monte Serra (917 m) and runs along a group of rocky outcrops at a relatively low altitude (410 m above sea level, the attack, 536 m asl ). Exposed to south-east and south-west, it can be visited throughout the year. Really pleasant is the look along the route, set in woodland with a prevalence of pines and chestnut trees. Characteristics: well-equipped path, numbered routes (from n.1 to n.178, useful for realizing where we are at any time), on very stable conglomerate rock, which holds very well and which almost always offers all the necessary supports. With a fair exposure, with chimneys, roofs, edges, overhangs, terraces, ledges and air passages, with the help, as well as of cable, brackets, a ladder at the beginning and a small bridge suspended in the final you’ll get to the end.

ITINERARY N.2 : Buti – Villa di Badia – Loc il Rotone – Educational Park Monte Cucco – Buti
Starting point: Buti sports field car parking   Maximum height difference: 110 m
Distance: about 6 km   Average travel time: 2h – 4h
Difficulty: easy, suitable for all people

Leave the parking lot of the Buti sports field to enter Via Piana on the left, near the elementary school. Go along about 200 m of the main asphalted road before turning left onto a dirt road (loc. La Valle di Ferrante) bordered by terraced olive groves supported by dry-stone walls. This fairly flat stretch leads after a few km to loc. San Martino from which the Villa of Badia can be seen on the right in memory of an ancient monastery. It is the abbey of Cintoia, which reached prestige in the 12th century thanks to its dominant position on the Sesto lake (reclaimed by the Grand Duke of Tuscany), when it was entrusted to the Camaldolese friars. Continue in the Pino wood along the Badia Valley towards loc. Seracino and then descend, first along the Rivolta valley and then the Tanali valley up to the Sarzanese – Valdera regional road at the loc. Molino del Rotone. The path continues for about 400 m along this road before turning left into a dirt road that leads to the educational park of Monte Cucco. To return to the center of Buti you can either walk the reverse route described above or use public transport.

ITINERARY N.3: Buti-Piavola-Il Sorbo-Quadonica-Buti (circular route)
Starting point: Buti sports field car park  Maximum height difference: 490 m
Distance: about 16 Km   Average travel time: 6 h-7h
Difficulty: medium-easy, suitable for people with a confident pace.

Leave the Buti Municipal Sports Field parking lot, going up the slopes of Monte Aspro through terraced olive groves supported by dry-stone walls, before reaching the vantage point. Continue uphill along the right path up to Colle di Volpaia (462 m), home of ACLI Trekking Buti. Take the path on the left and go up to Monte Gentivola, skirting the locality of Piavola (a place of Nazi slaughter on July 24th 1944 of 19 civilians), then the Sale (rich in chestnut and metati) then Piambello. Leaving the wood, the panoramic point that dominates the Valdera. Nearby a “perfume trail“, also suitable for blind people. The itinerary continues up to the Monte Serra provincial road. Go down 2 km downhill to reach the forest track which, in a chestnut wood, leads to Sorbo (435 m) where there are information points regarding the “Monti Pisani oil road”, educational trails and rest area. From here, continue along a path that leads to Prato a Giovo (617 m), the end point of the path that goes up from the opposite side of Calci, passing through the Certosa and Montemagno. From Sorbo, continue for about 2 km along the forest track to Quadonica, from where a downhill path leads to Mariotto and then to Buti (Castel Tonini, seat of the Medici Villa). The itinerary continues into the historic center until it reaches the starting point again, passing through Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Martiri della Libertà (in front of the Church of San Giovanni Battista) skirting the Danielli Park, where the festivals are held.


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