The Alta Val di Cecina is that territory of Tuscany bordered to the north by Val d’Era, to the east by Alta Versilia, to the south by the Metalliferous Hills and to the west by the Val Cornia and the lower Val di Cecina. The area is mainly hilly, with the typical landscapes of the Tuscan countryside (rows of cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves) but also contains vast wooded areas (the Berignone and Monterufoli Nature Reserves) as well as clayey slopes and deep valleys. The territory is characterized by fortifications, villages, parish churches, abbeys, castles, fortresses: millenary testimonies of the Etruscan and Roman civilization. It is the smaller towns that make the Alta Val di Cecina an area yet to be discovered, suitable for visitors in search of an authentic contact with the locals and with places of enormous historical, artistic, landscape and human value.

The proposed itineraries touch the main centers of the territory, with some points of interest to visit. They are intentionally not very detailed to allow the visitor to just get lost among these villages and valleys to experience truly unique emotions!

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See below the itineraries details


“Towards the Cecina river”

This itinerary can be traveled by car, motorcycle or bicycle. In this last case good legs and training are required to face the second part, characterized by a steep uphill section (3.5 km).

Starting point: Pomarance.

Length: 19.5 km (21.5 km with the detour)

Duration: half a day.

Difference in altitude: about 400 m

Type of road: secondary paved roads (short stretch of dirt road towards the river)

* The diversion to the river is practicable except for periods of intense rainfall

The itinerary starts in Pomarance. Following the Strada Comunale “delle Macie”, follow the signs for the Pietraposa and Incanto del Fiume agritourisms. A panoramic stretch begins over the valley of the Cecina river, with Volterra and Montecatini Val di Cecina in sight. After about 3 km you will reach a crossroads: turn right, after about 1 km you will find a junction, continue along the valley floor. After another 3 km, at another junction, follow the deviation on the left along the dirt road that leads to the Cecina river. From here you reach an open space where you can leave the car and continue on foot, crossing a ford (with shallow water). Following this path you arrive, with a beautiful walk of about a quarter of an hour, to the famous Masso delle Fanciulle, an ideal place for a dip in the fresh and transparent water of the river. Back at the junction, on the asphalted road at the bottom of the valley, taking the road on the left you return to Pomarance passing near the San Florestano farm and the La Dispensa restaurant. Along the way you will enjoy a priceless view of the Rocca Sillana that dominates the surrounding landscape.

“Towards Montegemoli”

This itinerary can be traveled by car, motorcycle or bicycle. * Simple itinerary with beautiful views and the possibility to buy the famous Montegemoli bread

Starting point: Pomarance Length: 21.2 km

Duration: half a day. Difference in altitude: 210 m

Type of road: paved

The itinerary starts in Pomarance, following the direction for Volterra and Cecina on the SR 439. After 2.7 km turn left and, following the Strada Comunale di Montegemoli, you will cross vineyards and olive groves, enjoying on the left the panoramic view of the village of Micciano and of the village of Libbiano. On the right you can instead admire the profile of Volterra. The road reaches the town of Montegemoli and, just over 1 km after the town, it is possible to take the detour to the left towards the Montegemoli bakery, located inside a farmhouse immersed in the countryside. Returning to the main road, near a winery, turn right onto the Strada Comunale di Cerreto-Canova until you reach the farm Cerreto. The road bends to the right and goes up to return to Pomarance.



“Villages and forests”

This itinerary can be traveled by car, motorcycle or bicycle, the latter requires an excellent level of preparation both for the mileage and for the altimetry.

Starting point: Pomarance

Length: 54 km (82.2 km with the “Anello di Micciano” variant)

Duration: one day

Difference in altitude: 800 m (1200 m with the variant)

Road type: secondary paved and dirt roads (forestry)

* Itinerary of great environmental and landscape value. With the Micciano variant you can discover the Monterufoli Nature Reserve. Among the recommended detours, the one towards the village of Montecerboli and the other, about 4 km, towards San Dalmazio and the Rocca Sillana (reachable on foot from the parking lot in 15 minutes).

The itinerary starts in Pomarance, in the direction of Cecina. After 1.8 km turn left onto the SP 47 “di Micciano” and after 3 km you reach the bottom of the valley, from where you can admire a wonderful panorama, here cross the bridge over the Trossa stream. Sopo 200 m turn towards the village of Libbiano, where you’ll arrive after 6 km. Here the asphalt ends and the dirt roadm that leads into the Monterufoli-Caselli Nature Reserve begins. A long and beautiful path inside the reserve leads near the Monterufoli farm and, shortly after, to the right junction for the village of Micciano.

“Ring of Micciano” variant

Following the “itinerary of villages and castles” you will arrive in 3 km at the gates of Micciano, again on a paved road. From here, a 15 km winding road reaches the valley floor until the junction for Libbiano. At this point the variant ends (reconnecting to the road that leads first to Libbiano and then to the deviation for Micciano).

Main route resumed

Continuing straight, in 5 km the road SP 329 “di Bocca di Valle” turns right towards the village of Lustignano. A short loop around the town leads back to the same road, the SP 329, where you turn right towards the village of Serrazzano. The itinerary continues in the direction of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, between the Metalliferous Hills up to a large intersection. Following the left you go along the SR 439. On the right you can see the geothermal energy showers of Larderello and the village of Montecerboli. After about 5 km on the left begins the path to the historic San Michele thermal baths, to be reached on foot in 10-15 minutes. We also recommend a detour to the village of San Dalmazio and the Rocca Sillana (15 minutes walk from the parking lot) before returning to Pomarance ending the itinerary.

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