Open Days: Visits to the Tombolo estate

04/06/2024 ore: 8:30 - 17:30

Centro Enrico Avanzi, Via Eleonora Duse, San Piero a Grado

Saturdays: 29 April, 10 and 24 June, 15 July “A walk in the agro-ecosystems”, a route in stages accessible to all by bicycle or on foot and includes three different itineraries of 3, 10 and 15 km. Starting from the splendid Romanesque Basilica of San Piero a Grado, visitors will be able to walk through the former Tombolo estate that hosts the Centro Avanzi’s research on sustainable farming systems. Fifteen posters along the route present the various topics, from the Pisan cow to organic farming, via sustainable mechanisation, water management and beekeeping. The text on the posters is available in Italian and English, and QR codes accessible from smartphones allow further information.

The route from San Piero to Grado allows you to admire a landscape of woods, open areas and cultivated fields, with the possibility of observing centuries-old pines and various birds, including buzzards, bee-eaters and kestrels. It is possible to cover long stretches by bike and the entire route by mountain bike. The use of trekking bicycles is recommended for the excursion; the “Enrico Avanzi” Centre provides some free of charge, subject to prior booking. The average time of the 15 km guided bike tour is three and a half hours.


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