01/08/2022 - 26/11/2022


Centro storico Pomarance
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi

“First edition of an event entirely dedicated to the outdoors in Valdicecina. Three days of hiking and cycling in one of the most beautiful and special areas of Tuscany. The stars of the festival are the geothermal zone and the Berignone and Monterufoli-Caselli nature reserves. An opportunity not to be missed for lovers of outdoor activities.

Programme of events, excursions, meetings and openings in the Monterufoli and Caselli nature reserves.
On Friday 24 September, the presentation of the Villa di Monterufoli with a short panoramic tour to discover the “bonsai forests” and rare species in the Monterufoli Reserve. Also of great interest to insiders is the conference “Unique itineraries in the Tuscany you don’t expect” on 24 September at 10am at the Teatro dei Coraggiosi in Pomarance, during which the projects to enhance the Valdicecina Nature Reserves and the itineraries of the Valdicecinaoutdoor app will be illustrated.
On Saturday 25th September there will be two trekking appointments: one in the geothermal area of Sasso Pisano with its steaming lands and the Geothermal Museum of Larderello and the other between Volterra and Montecatini Val di Cecina, with its extraordinary views, while bikers will enjoy a “bicycle ride” in the Berignone Forest.
On Sunday 26 September there will be a celebration of the Parks with the opening and presentation of the new management of the Fattoria di Caselli, guided excursions and a guided tour of the village of Canneto. The grand finale will be at Rocca Sillana, with a sunset visit to the imposing Medici fortress, which offers a beautiful view of the Cecina Valley.

Presentation of the new hiking system available on the website Valdicecina Outdoor

To take part in the events, booking is compulsory, as is the Green Pass.


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