15/02/2024 - 16/03/2024
ore: 21:15 - 23:15


Teatro Persio Flacco
Via dei Sarti, 37

The programme includes around forty musical and performances each year from October to May in the theatre, which is located in the historic centre and named after Volterra’s greatest poet, Persio Flacco.

The Theatre (1820) was built in one of the most beautiful palaces in Volterra: Palazzo Incontri, an early 17th century building with a façade attributed to a design by Bartolomeo Ammannati. The theatre occupies the ground floor and the rear garden.

The structure is that of an Italian-style theatre with a horseshoe-shaped hall, four tiers of boxes, an acoustic vault and a stage with a perforated floor. The main curtain was painted by the painter Nicola Contestabili, who depicted Aulus Persius Flaccus on Parnassus with the Muses.

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