01/06/2022 - 30/06/2022


Centro storico Pisa
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi
56100 Pisa

The “Giugno Pisano – Pisan June” is a program of events whose fulcrum is the celebrations for the Patron Saint of the City of Pisa, San Ranieri. The highlight is the night before with the Luminara (16 June) and the following day with the Palio di San Ranieri (17 June), the historical regatta along the river Arno.

The month is closing with the Gioco del Ponte contest on the last Saturday of June.

Every four years, Pisa hosts the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics (Genoa, Venice, Amalfi and Pisa: see you in Pisa next June 2022).

IMPORTANT NOTICE! due to Covid restrictions 2021 the Luminara has been cancelled, while the Regatta and the Gioco del Ponte will be probably postponed between September and beginning October. STAY TUNED !!!

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