“Ludus balistaris” – Crossbowmen Contest | Volterra

26/05/2024 ore: 17:00 - 20:00

Centro storico Volterra, centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi, Volterra

The competition of historical crossbows (Ludus Balistaris) is based on Volterra’s 14th-century history, when the Contrade provided the Municipality with their best marksmen to defend the city walls.

The tournament takes place on the last Sunday of May (from 5.00 pm) in the marvellous setting of Piazza dei Priori in two phases. In the first phase the two crossbowmen from each contrada compete in a singolar tenzone, shooting their arrows at “bancacci” targets set at a distance of 36 metres.

The crossbowman who hits his “verretta” arrow on a centre with a diameter of just 3 cm passes the round. The eight best shooters then compete by shooting their arrows simultaneously at the target (“Corniolo” or “Tasso”), consisting of a target at the centre of which is fixed a cone with a depth of about 45 cm and which will receive the arrows of all the shooters.



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