17 April 2021
ore: 10:30


Museo Civico
Via Guicciardini, 55
Montopoli in Val d'Arno

The Civic Museum housed at Palazzo Guicciardini opens to visitors from 19th January on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Built in the Palazzo Guicciardini located in the historic center of Montopoli in Val d´Arno, the Civic Museum collects materials of interest and significance related to the archaeology, history, art or natural history from this area of the Pisa area so that it can play the role of a kind of visiting card that encourages people to rediscover the richness of its city centers and their surrounding area.
The Civic Museum was conceived of and structured as the primary hub of a future “Montopolese Museum System”, as part of which some of the other sites have already been built.
The Civic Museum is therefore structured in a variety of thematic sections. On the first floor, the Ancient Archaeology Section of the Museum exhibits the important Majnoni and Baldovinetti collections with its Etruscan, Roman and early medieval objects, part of which comes from local excavations.
There is also a section dedicated to the research of medieval and post-medieval archaeology in the Fortress of Montopoli, which has helped to shed new light on the art and history of the area after the year 1000 together with a series of coats-of-arms, stone fragments, frescoes and liturgical furnishings from prestigious city buildings, which are all displayed here.
A separate room is dedicated to the production of Montopoli artistic terracotta by Dante Milani. In 1923 Milani had the first of his ceramic kilns built in this area, which was soon accompanied by other artisan workshops, giving rise to a production of artistic ceramics that soon became famous in Europe and around the world.
Opening times: Tuesday 9.00-13.00, Thursday 9.00-13.00 and 14.30-17.30, Friday 10.00-13.00
ONLY upon reservation. Duration average 30 minutes.
📌  It is necessary to be punctual at the scheduled time, showing the reservation and wearing the mask for the whole visit.

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