23 October 2020 - 25 October 2020


Camera di Commercio di Pisa
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 5

The 8th edition of “Terre di Pisa Food & Wine Festival” is a journey back in time, at the search for the origins of food products and traditional dishes since the period when Pisa and its harbour were the marketplace of goods coming both from the countries in the Mediterranean Sea and from the inland of Tuscany. A big, important trade market but also a melting pot of cultural and culinary traditions. “Terre di Pisa Food & Wine” is a taste experience, showing a wide range of products and dishes which are the result of different stories and traditions still alive. Producers are available to explain and let the public taste their products such as cheese, extra virgin olive oil, cured meats, pasta, wine, chocolate and cookies .

Info edition 2019:

  • Opening times:
    Friday 18th: 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
    Saturday 19th : 12.00 am – 11.00 pm
    Sunday 20th: 12.00 am – 11.00 pm


  • Tasting tickets from exhibitors: € 5.00 or € 10.00 
  • Wine labs € 10.00
  • Show cooking € 15.00

  • If you buy a tasting ticket, a wine tasting lab or a show cooking, you get a voucher for a special discount at the: 
    art exhibition  Futurismo at Palazzo Blu (€ 2.00 on the admission ticket, audioguide included)
    the walking on the  Old city walls of Pisa (discount on the admission ticket)
    the  Museum of the Ancient Ships of Pisa (€ 2.00 discount on the admission ticket)

  • The final contest, open to the public, is dedicated to the “pecorino cheese”, a product of very old origin, used as a food during the long navigations due to its poor perishability. Participants will be assisted by experts and guided in the tasting of different cheese in order to declare the best one.

The Wine Route of the Pisa Hills arrange two wine tasting labs on Saturday and Sunday under the support of professional sommeliers.

The extra virgin olive oil, leader in the Tuscan cooking, has a privileged place in the festival: the Oil Bar area is open to those who, under the guided assistance of olive oil sommliers want to taste and smell olfactory qualities of different olive oils.

Children and teens will get to know and appreciate the local food products while playing and having fun, thanks to special theatre, reading or drawing activities.

Info: 050.512229 /80
Pisa Chamber of Commerce

Terre di Pisa Food&Wine Festival, 8th edition | Pisa