Summer in Vicopisano

27/09/2023 - 30/09/2023

Centro storico Vicopisano, centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi, Vicopisano

The summer calendar in Vicopisano offers events of all types and all tastes, up to the highlight of the long-awaited Medieval Festival on the first weekend of September.

Of note are the Rocca’n’Roll Festival on 24 June, the Monte Pisano Art Festival on 30 and 31 July, the theatrical performances of Utopia del Buongusto, those of Musicastrada Festival, the Collectables Market (9 July and 9 September) the San Jacopo Festival on 22-23 July. Last but not least, the traditional festivals in Uliveto Terme, the Festa della Birra (30 June – 2 July), the Festa dei Primi (26-27 August) at Circolo L’Ortaccio

The Rocca del Brunelleschi, the Torre del Soccorso and its walkway are open for guided tours.


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