ore: 19:15 - 22:45



The doors of the Temple open for visits during the full moon. What in daylight appears as an elegant but unusual building due to its location in the middle of a forest, in the nights of the full moon stands out in all its beauty as a complex machine of esoteric symbols in which is enclosed the meaning of the Mysteries of Freemasonry and Carbonry. The Temple was built at the behest of the Vaccà family and designed by the Carbonaro architect Ridolfo Castinelli, as a meeting centre for the Sublime Perfect Masters.
The evening dedicated to the Temple begins with a ‘Carbonara’ dinner where the origins and symbols of the Carboneria are illustrated. This is followed by a visit to the Vaccà Berlinghieri house-museum, the lighting of the lanterns, a walk to the sacred wood and, finally, the reading of the symbols of the Temple.

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