Extended the exhibition “Icons: Andy Warhol” – PALP Museum | Pontedera

01/06/2022 - 26/06/2022 ore: 10:00 - 19:00

PALP Palazzo Pretorio Pontedera, Piazza Curtatone e Montanara, Pontedera

From 10 November to 20 March 2022 (extended until 26th June 2022) the exhibition center PALP at Palazzo Pretorio displays over 140 works by Andy Warhol,  telling the story of the most pungent interpreter of mass society, a colourful witness to the icons of his time.

From Liz to Marilyn


The exhibition tells the story of Warhol’s professional career, starting with the colourful Liz (1964) and ending with the ever-present Marilyn (from 1985 to 1988). There are three splendid Cows (from 1966 to 1976), alongside other super icons: Brillo Box (1970), Flowers (1970), Eletric Chair (1971), not forgetting Campbell’s Soup (1968).

The exhibition is able to explore and narrate the different aspects of Andy Warhol. The exhibition is organised in five sections and allows visitors to discover the life of this extraordinary figure, from his early works to those of the late 1980s.

Christmas in Art
Andy Warhol. ICONS! is the exhibition chosen this year to strengthen the great cultural and urban art project Natale ad Arte.
Natale ad Arte – Pontedera 2021, promoted by the Fondazione per la Cultura Pontedera, in collaboration with the Municipality of Pontedera, under the direction of Alberto Bartalini, which aims to tie up the thread of the path called Arte per non Dormire (Art for Sleeplessness) with the objective of setting up a quality project in the squares and streets of Pontedera that is open to residents and visitors alike.


Located in the centre, Palazzo Pretorio in the ‘400th was the headquarter of the Podesteria, in the ‘18th of the Vicariate. From 1848 until 2013 the palace has been the place of the local court. Palazzo Pretorio thanks to the recent renovation has become an excellent exhibition centre. The first floor develops on two levels and it’s used as an art exhibition centre. On the third floor it still hosts the old prisons.

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