28 June 2020 - 05 July 2020


Ponte a Egola
Piazza Guido Rossa
Ponte a Egola

The festival lasts a week and takes place between the last week of June and the first week of July in Ponte a Egola, a town famous for leather tanning formerly worked with tannins in wooden barrels (called ‘caratelli’) that, before the use of the forklift, were rolled by hand on the tannery squares. From here the “Palio del Cuoio” took its inspiration. This competition opens the festival with the parade of the various districts and continues with activities and evening shows, and ends the following Sunday with the “Corsa dei Caratelli”. The barrel used in the ‘palio’ weighs 80kg. The ‘caratellisti”, six per district, compete in a relay race pushing the heavy barrel on a straight, 117m course for a total of six times.