Special Openings at the Charterhouse of Calci

14/08/2023 ore: 9:00 - 19:00

Certosa di Pisa, Via Roma, Calci

The National Museum of the Charterhouse is open with accompanied visits by staff.

The Museum
The evocative rooms of the National Museum of the Monumental Charterhouse of Calci, in the Val Graziosa, rich in art and history, were home to the Carthusian order from the 14th to the 20th century and here the monks lived according to the strict Carthusian rule based on prayer, meditation and study.

Accompanied by the staff of the national museum, visitors will be able to enter the areas dedicated to hermit life, the large cloister, along whose arms are the 15 cells of the monks, one of which is open for visits. It will also be possible to visit the church, the numerous chapels and the areas where the monks lived together, such as the refectory and the chapter house, as well as the areas dedicated to hospitality, such as the Grand Duke’s guest quarters.

Visits from Tuesday to Sunday.


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