Nativity Scene in the Basilica of San Savino |


Montione Badia, Via Tosco Romagnola, Montione Badia

The Nativity Scene with over one hundred performers recreates the setting of the Birth of Christ in year zero, with the census, the arrival of the Three Kings, and the everyday life and work of an antique town.  All the town authentically participates in this initiative, and all the tools, the settings and the costumes are entirely conceived and made by the locals. At the town gate, at the Badia courtyard, visitors are greeted by the census officials, and then can continue their itinerary amongst artisans, women, shepherds, merchants and zampogna players who with their music create the classic Christmas atmosphere. The itinerary continues on to the steps of the abbey and the Court of King Herod, all the way to the hut where Mary and Joseph watch over Baby Jesus with the Three Kings are on their way bringing gold frankincense and myrrh. Delicious focaccia and vin brulé for everyone at the inn.

Info: 349.1238190

* photo: Stefano Scafuri

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