24 July 2020 - 09 August 2020
ore: 19:10 - 23:10


Su tutto il territorio di Pisa
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Since 2000 Musicastrada Festival has been the itinerant event focused on music, photography and territory promotion based in Tuscany (Italy), usually from the half of July to the half of August.
Concerts are free of charge and scheduled with both international artists coming all over the world and local groups.
All concerts are organized in the main squares of the historical centers of the towns members of the network, with different genres of music in order to give a global vision of different cultures, traditions and folk customs of the world.
From small intimate squares to bigger ones, the audience may vary from 100 to 800 hundred each night. At the Musicastrada Festival you can find the true mood of old Tuscany, his world famous landscapes, ancient villages where time seems to stand still and, of course “family” restaurants
Music becomes the common instrument able to overcome language barriers and support the intercultural dialogue among different countries and different people.
The Festival supports the transnational circulation of artistic works having a heterogeneous audience which usually cannot access directly to such events organized only in the biggest towns. In fact most of the events are organized in small towns.


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