18 July 1918 - 03 November 2019
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Museo di Storia Naturale
Via Roma

The protagonist of this exhibition is Grotta del Leone of Agnano (The Lion’s Cave of Agnano) close to Pisa. The archaeological excavations in the cave took place in the second half of the twentieth and again from 2015 until today.

The excavation campaigns were conducted by University of Pisa. From a naturalistic point of view, the history of Monti Pisani is fascinating since it started about 500 million years ago as proved by the rocks found on site dating back to that time. Over millions of years, landscapes, environments, fairs and flowers of the Pisan territory changed extraordinarily  as testified by numerous fossils. In the same place also archaeological remains were found and they represent the earliest evidence of the presence of man on Mount Pisano starting from 20,000 years ago. With these new exhibitions the Museum wants to add value to this Pisan important  historical and scientific heritage.

In the first room will be present the life-size reconstruction of an internal portion of the Lion’s Cave. Here visitors can also touch casts and reproductions of fossils and processed materials (flint, polished stone, ceramic, shells, bone) and observe experimental reproductions of archaeological materials. In the second room will be exposed the main archaeological remains found in the Lion’s Cave and from archaeological sites near to Pisa. Thanks to a multimedia station it will be possible to know the history of the excavations, getting information on the most recent studies.

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Permanent Exhinbition “Prehistory of Monte Pisano” | Calci

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