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Marina di Pisa . Tirrenia . Calambrone
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The historic locomotive of the Trammino, which connected Pisa to Boccadarno, will return home: the arrival of the locomotive n. 3 “Dante Alighieri” in Marina di Pisa, in Piazza delle Baleari, is scheduled for today, Monday, August 2, at 11 a.m.; it is one of the three locomotives that served the route Pisa-Pontedera and Pisa-Boccadarno.

A plunge into the past, crowning the recent redevelopment of the square in front of the sea: the locomotive will be visible to all and will recall the old route that led from Pisa to the sea in the years between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, bringing back memories of pieces of the history of our city and our territory.

Built in 1883 by the German company Henshel and Sohn of Kassel, the locomotive remained in operation in Pisa until the 1920s.

It was then sold to serve the Monterufoli mining railway, before ending up on the Bologna-Cento tramway. After the war it worked in the Rieti sugar refinery and then in Veneto, in a sugar refinery of the same ownership. When its service ended in the mid-1980s, it was destined for demolition, but ended up in the hands of Davide Ferrato, owner of the company specialising in trading in steel products, who kept it until recently. Since then it has appeared in a few historical exhibitions and today it will finally return home.

The machine weighs around 14 tonnes empty, it is 6.7 metres long and 2.65 metres wide. With the chimney installed it reaches a height of over 3 metres above the ground.