Exhibition “Eleonora di Toledo and Cosimo I de’ Medici”- Museum of Palazzo Reale | Pisa

12/12/2022 - 17/12/2022

Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Reale, Lungarno Pacinotti, 46, Pisa

From 14 October to 17 December 2022, the Museum of Palazzo Reale is hosting the exhibition ‘Eleonora di Toledo and Cosimo I de’ Medici, a Young, Noble and Beautiful Couple’, staged on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Medici duchess, who came from Naples to Pisa to join her husband and stayed here during the cold Florentine winters, until she died there.

The collection of the National Museum in the Royal Palace documents the changing tastes of the ruling classes over time, from the Medici to the bourgeois collectors of the 20th century. On display are the Medici tapestries and furnishings and portraits of the leading members of the house, flanked by numerous portraits of members of the House of Lorraine who succeeded the Medici in ruling Tuscany and the kings of the House of Savoy.

The Palace, renovated in 2001, has recovered rooms and connections with adjacent buildings that formed the complex of the Grand Dukes court. Designed as a museum of the court (Medici, Lorraine and Savoia family) it preserves the aspect of a patrician residence, with decoration and furniture of 17th-19th century, and collects testimonies of families that lived there: paintings, portrays, furniture, tapestries and armours.


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