09 July 2020 - 29 September 2020
ore: 16:00 - 19:30


Museo della Geotermia
Piazza Leopolda

Guided tour to the Museum of Geothermics and the geothermal phenomena of Sasso Pisano

A guided tour to experience the characteristic colors and smells of a valley that still burns, gurgles and puffs; a place where the energy of the Earth has been harnessed for power.
The tour provides a guided visit to the new Museum of Geothermics of Larderello where the fully interactive halls display the different uses of the underground resources from the Etruscan era and the Middle Ages, passing through the industrial development and today’ s challenge for an increase in renewable energy. The sensory experience continues with the opening of a demonstration well whose roaring steam jet, spread outwards through the ground, exhibits the energy generated beneath our feet. Then the guided tour moves towards Sasso Pisano and its unique landscape made of stunning geothermal phenomena like boiling mud, fumaroles, steam jets: unique in Tuscany.

Info: 0588.86099
Tourist Consortium Volterra