Festival of the Peasant “poor” Cuisine | Castellina Marittima

19/07/2024 - 28/07/2024

Parco comunale L. Montauti, Via della Repubblica, 47, Castellina Marittima

In Castellina Marittima, a rural village on the Pisan Hills with a view of the sea just a few kilometres from Cecina, the appointment with the “poor cuisine” cucina povera, dedicated to the poor dishes of local gastronomy, has been renewed for 31 years.

Two days in which every square in the village smells of traditional flavours: starters in Piazza Giaconi, first courses in Piazza Mazzini, main courses in Piazza Trieste and desserts in Piazza Guerrazzi.  A journey into taste, with the typical dishes of the past served by local shopkeepers, cheered by the music of storytellers and stornellatori, as well as moments of entertainment for young and old.


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