Feast of the Virgin of San Romano Sanctuary | Montopoli Valdarno


Santuario della Madonna di San Romano, Piazza Santa Chiara, 2, San Romano

The solemn festival dedicated to the Nativity of Mary takes place every year on 8 September. The day is preceded by a programme of festivities in honour of Our Lady of the Sanctuary beginning as early as the end of August and ending with fires dedicated to her, preceded by a procession through Via Matteotti and Via Tosco Romagnola Ovest

The Sanctuary originated from the church of Santa Maria a Valiana, where an image of the Madonna carved in an oak trunk was kept, and which was the object of growing devotion from the early 16th century. It also includes a small museum that holds cartouches, crosses, reliquaries, chalices, chasubles from the 18th century, documents on the history of the Sanctuary, ex-voto tablets and precious objects, and a Confessional from 1730.

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