01 May 2020


Centro storico Monteverdi Marittimo
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi
Monteverdi Marittimo

The programme dedicated to Maggerini (singers announcing the coming of spring) includes folk music, lunch in the streets of the town, a carriage pulled by a small Monterufoli horse, excursions to the ancient Abbey of Saint Peter in Palazzolo founded by Saint Walfred, the Longobard warrior saint acknowledged as one of the ancestors of the noble Della Gherardesca family. The Maggerini festival is held every 1st May and has its origins in the ancient pagan propitiating rites celebrated to guarantee plentiful harvests. For the whole day the “maggerini”, accompanied by poets and singers of songs in dialect holding a long bay branch onto which a large lemon is tied, knock on all the doors, asking for offerings of food and drink in exchange for songs, poems in dialect, and rhymes.

Festa dei Maggerini