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Monteverdi Marittimo

The Festa dei Maggerini takes place every first of May and has its origins in ancient pagan propitiatory rites, celebrated to ensure the prosperity of the land’s harvests.

Throughout the day, ‘maggerini’, accompanied by vernacular poets and singers and carrying a large laurel branch with a large lemon pinned to it, go from house to house, asking for donations of food and drink and reciprocating with songs, stornelli, quatrains and octaves in rhyme.

Programme: On the evening of 30 April the distribution of May in Monteverdi and Canneto
1 May, 12.30 p.m.: lunch and snack: traditional songs with the groups from Lustignano and Suvereto

4 p.m.: L’oro di Monteverdi (Monteverdi’s gold), prize-giving ceremony for the 16th competition “L’olio buono dei poderi” (The good oil from the farms).


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